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oven cleaning Devon hob

Imagine a bright shining oven taking centre stage in your kitchen, spotless and grease free inside and out; clean to the touch and ready to create delicious home cooked food. That's the feeling that our customers experience after a visit from The Oven Cleaning Man. You'll be proud to show off your oven or AGA to all your visitors and it will pass the strictest white glove test. 

With a reputation for a trusted, local and professional service you can rely on me to return your oven or AGA to its original glory. I carry out all cleans personally so you can rest assured you are getting the best service at a competitive price. My cleaning process removes all grease, fats and even those difficult burnt on deposits. Generally a clean will take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on oven size and condition. 

 I can:

  • Achieve excellent cleaning results on all models of gas and electric oven including AGAs and other range cookers.

  • Clean oven interior, glass panels on doors and any build up in the hinges; remove and clean racks, clean the back panel, the control buttons and finish with a polish of all surfaces

  • Clean hobs, including gas and ceramic 

  • Clean kitchen extractors and microwaves.

  • Use only non-caustic, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents - and lots of elbow grease! All of my products are completely safe to use around small children or animals and there are no nasty smells or taint left after cleaning is finished.

  • Remove cooker racks, liners and runners and clean them outside in my specially-equipped van, eliminating mess and fumes in your home.

  • Use specialist tools and materials to clean the main oven unit where it stands. After the clean is complete your kitchen will be left mess free. 

  • Can source spare parts and recommend local professionals to carry out repairs to your oven if required.

Your oven can be used immediately after cleaning and you will notice a massive change in the condition of your oven, with no more grease and burnt-on deposits  you will find that unpleasant smells or smoke during cooking are eliminated. 

As an independent, family run business we are free to set our own prices and maintain a competitive pricing structure (see here for more information) whilst delivering an excellent result. 




Call us on 07592 692500 for a quote to clean your gas oven, electric oven, range, AGA, hobs, extractors or microwave. To fit in with your busy lifestyle, I'm happy to carry out cleaning at weekends.

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