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Reasons to clean the oven #567

dirty smoke oven clean devon

If your oven does this every time it's switched on, you need to give me a call ASAP!!!

We all know cleaning the oven is an unpleasant job, and it's not most people's favourite way to spend their time, so let us do it for you. We have the technique, experience and know how to clean all part of your oven.

Off the shelf cleaning products simply don't work - those shop bought cleaners are caustic, create toxic fumes and can leave the food tasting odd for days afterwards. If you aren't careful, they can damage the surface of your appliance or the surrounding areas.

Self cleaning panels sound like a great idea, but in practice a domestic oven rarely gets hot enough to actually burn off the fat and food deposits that cause the build up and grime.

Instead, let us spend the afternoon with our head in the oven!! We offer a local, professional, trusted and expert service that will leave your oven or AGA sparkling and transform your kitchen.

No nasty smells, no taint, no dangerous chemicals in your home, and no time wasted for less than brilliant results - what's not to love about that ?

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