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Where in Devon #2 ?

The answer to last week's Where in Devon? was : Brixham. Congratulations if you guessed it right!

As a busy oven cleaner, servicing the whole of Devon and parts of Somerset, we get to see some beautiful places. So we thought we would run a little competition from time to time - we'll post a picture of one of the locations that we've recently visited, along with a clue or two. First person to email us ( will win a £10 credit towards their next clean. We'll publish the answer to the location the following week, for anyone still puzzling.

So, where were we this week?

Devon oven clean

Devon oven clean

This location has two churches and two bridges as well as a Town Tree that dates well before 1920.

Its main claim to fame is that it is the village where Old Mother Hubbard (she of the bare cupboards) can be found, as well as some unusual green marble.

Have you sussed it out yet ? Email us with your best guess, and first correct answer will win the £10 credit. Good luck!!

Image obtained via Google Images

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