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Motivational Monday - Kind Words

oven clean exeter devon aga

We're not ones to boast, but it is lovely to hear and share good feedback from our satisfied customers - here are some of the comments that we've received over the past couple of weeks: "I can't believe it's the same oven"

"You are a miracle worker"

"My Mum hasn't stopped raving about what a good job you made of hers, so she's persuaded me to book in to get mine done" [and after the clean was finished] "I'm so glad she did"

"I never thought it would look like that again"

"I don't want to use it now, it looks too nice" [please do though!]

Thank you to everyone for their kind words - it really does make our day when we hear such positive feedback. Mike takes great pride in the service he delivers and it's good to know that it is appreciated.

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